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2011 World Tea Expo (Update) - Thomas Shu sings Taiwan Tea Hakka Songs

Every year at the World Tea Expo Thomas Shu, a tea dignitary from Taiwan, sings songs related to tea. He does this very well with a wonderful voice and this talent tends to draw additional visitors to the Taiwan Tea Association booth. Here are two videos I took of Thomas’ songs at the expo last weekend.

Thomas Shu Sings Hakka Tea Song!


Thomas Shu Teaches Taiwan Hakka Tea Song!


I first encountered Thomas’ penchant and talent for singing these Taiwanese Hakka tea songs at the 2010 World Tea Expo while waiting in the Las Vegas Hilton lobby with a group of individuals coming down from the pool where an expo related networking event was being held.

If you search for Tea Hakka on YouTube you’re sure to find other videos of Thomas singing!